Tuesday, January 27, 2015

Google Glass Project Shelved: An End Of An Era?

With the powers-that-be at Google deciding to end its Google Explorer Program in January 19, 2015, is the Google Glass Project just too cleaver for its own good?

By: Ringo Bones 

During its launch five years ago, Google used to call early adapters of its Google Glass device as “software developers” which sounds to the rest of us as a euphemism of the gadget obsessed with the requisite 1,500 US dollars to satisfy their own curiosity. But during the five years of its existence, the powers-that-be at the Ivory Towers of Google’s Mountain View, California headquarters had decided near the end of 2014 to end the Google Explorer Program – the corporate decision at Google that allowed the Google Glass to be sold to “software developers” for 1,500 US dollars – to end it by January 19, 2015 because the “cleverness” of the Google Glass outweighed the privacy concerns that eventually ensued. But should the Google Glass be chucked into the technological dustbin of history? 

As a clever gadget with internet-connectivity, the Google Glass managed to create waves when it was introduced five years ago because it has no competing counterparts. Sony and Apple had similar devices at the time that never got beyond the development stage because they can’t make it as “cheap” as Google’s. And since Google’s announcement to end the Google Glass Project / Google Explorer Program in January 19, 2015, internet-connected gadget blogs are abuzz of musings on how the Google Glass became the most famous piece of wearable technology of the last five years. 

The privacy concerns outcry of the Google Glass users mostly stems from the most of the so-called “software developers” inability to properly set the privacy settings of the device. And there are, allegedly, an incident where a Google Glass owner’s residence got burglarized because his home’s alarm code was known by a burglar who saw his uploaded videos while wearing the Google Glass. January 19, 2015 may have came and went, but is the Google Glass Project totally shelved? 

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