Monday, January 12, 2015

Can Your Wet Smartphone And Laptop Computer be Saved?

Despite the busted myth that rice actually do squat in saving your wet Smartphone, laptop or tablet type computer – is there actually an effective way to “resurrect” your dunked personal electronic devices? 

By: Ringo Bones 
Actually there is a commercial service providing firm that could effectively dry and “resurrect” dunked in the toilet water / diet coke / even seawater tablet computer, Smartphone and even laptops that you’ve accidentally dunked into these various bodies of water and if they can’t “resurrect” it, you don’t have to pay service charges. TekDry has already been in this personal electronic saving business for almost two years. Based in Loveland, Colorado and founded by three former University of Denver graduates – Adam Coockson and Craig Beinecke started TekDry after thousands of people were mislead by claims of the internet that a 5-pound bag of rice and a hairdryer can actually save your Smartphone, laptop, or tablet type computer that has been dunked in toilet water, diet coke or a large body of water. 

TekDry uses a proprietary device that works via the principle of negative pressure invented by Adam Cookson and Craig Beinecke to vacuum dry dunked Smartphones, laptops, tablet type computers and other personal electronic devices. Most damage to these devices occur when the device is still on with its battery still attached as it is dunked into water or softdrink poured onto it, instantly producing galvanic corrosion on the circuit traces. Previous methods with dubious claims – like that 5-pounds of rice takes your wet Smartphone much slower to dry than just leaving it unpowered on the counter while the hairdryer method actually moves moisture into the smaller circuit traces – causing more damage. 

TekDry recommends immediately powering down as your device gets dunked or wetted, remove the batteries and Simcards and if you are within a comfortable drive in their offices, bring your dunked device to them for the “TekDry” vacuum drying treatment. TekDry charges $70 to dry and resurrect a Smartphone, $150 for a tablet type computer and $250 for a laptop. If it doesn’t turn on again, you don’t have to pat anything. TekDry’s greatest “miracle” is managing to “resurrect” a Smartphone that spent 36 hours at the bottom of the lake before being brought to them for treatment by the owner.   

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