Sunday, September 6, 2015

Inmarsat: The Internet Connectivity Company?

Established back in 1979 as a way to help ships communicate back to their home-bases wherever they are in the world, is Inmarsat now the world’s leading internet connectivity provider?

By: Ringo Bones  

When Inmarsat Group CEO Rupert Pearce recently announced their latest satellite launch back in August 29, 2015, anyone knowledgeable with the company started to remember how far the company has come since its days as a satellite communications system provider to ships so that they can communicate with their home-bases wherever they are in the world. But what are currently Inmarsat is setting its sights to providing internet connectivity to parts of the world not yet serviced by the world’s mainstream internet service providers due to their remote locations. 

If Inmarsat has its way, airline passengers travelling at 595 miles per hour at 40,000 feet will be guaranteed broadband connectivity which, at present, such privilege is still the preserve of first-class passengers. Plans for affordable versions of such in-flight broadband connectivity service for ordinary airline passengers are already in the works at Inmarsat thanks to the lower costs of launching telecommunications satellites compared to just a decade ago. Currently, Inmarsat’s communication satellites are providing connectivity to the remote parts of Africa not yet serviced by other telecommunication companies. 

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