Wednesday, June 25, 2014

Should There Be A Ronald Reagan Pornography App?

Given that 1980s throwback themes had recently become bestsellers in the burgeoning app industry, would a “Ronald Reagan Pornography App” be the next must have retro app? 

By: Ringo Bones 

With the release of the MacGyver Deadly Descent App back in the second half of May 2014 that had taken the app world by storm – for a 1980s themed retro app that is and based on a hit 1980s TV series nonetheless – many could be asking right now if “there was a pornography detection app based on that notorious then US President Ronald Reagan and then US Attorney General Edwin Meese III’s pornography commission report?” Imagine – for possible comic effect – the app’s pornography detection criterion be based on that Ronald Reagan’s “big blue 1,960-page book on pornography that was published back in July 1986 that almost nobody reads anymore and was labeled a big waste of American taxpayers’ money back then”. Would such a 1980s themed retro app prove to be a “best-seller”? 

Given that July has become the more or less ad hoc “Ronald Reagan Pornography Month” – the release of a “Ronald Reagan Pornography” themed app this July 2014 seems apt – if you’ll excuse the pun – to try out what the hubbub is about on that notorious of American taxpayers’ money Ronald Reagan Pornography Commission Final Report was back in July 1986. Would it also necessitate the addition of a “hypocrisy chip” or “hypocrisy module” on your Android capable smartphone given how the US Republican Party tackles such problems since the days when Ronnie was still president? Or would it be like – as legend has it – act like former US First Lady Nancy Reagan when she first saw an exhibition of the paintings of Old Masters in a museum and exclaimed “pornography”? Maybe somebody is already making and/or designing a US Supreme Court Justice Potter Stewart Pornography App right now. 

Given the capabilities of a typical contemporary smartphone, an artificial intelligence like program that could make the Ronald Reagan Pornography app act like a typical dyed-in-the-wool US Republican Party stalwart could not only provide countless hours of hilarity for history buffs or those old enough to have been singed by “Reaganomics” this sort of “pornography app” could prove to be a best-seller in today’s overcrowded app marker. Or should it carry the proverbial “caveat emptor” warning?  


VaneSSa said...

The Ronald Reagan Pornography App - does it come with that Ronald Reagan signature "bland baritone" voice app?

Madison Scott said...

The Ronald Reagan Pornography App will probably only work with Android smartphones with a "hypocrisy module". Speaking of "hypocrisy modules" - shouldn't that form of technology be better off used on those upcoming "root wives"?

Kat said...

With Google planning to remove pornography related adverts, will there still be money to be made in developing a "Ronald Reagan Pornography App" - or will it be made into a "pay-per-view" app aimed at US Republican Party stalwart and Reagan-maniac Sarah Palin?