Sunday, July 15, 2012

Fake Facebook Users: The Bane of F-Commerce?

As the latest investigative report pointed out that companies might be wasting their money on social media adverts, does this spell the death knell of f-commerce? 

By: Ringo Bones 

Ah, f-commerce – the supposedly hipper, younger version of e-commerce that’s born out of the recent boom of handheld and mobile devices that can access the internet, especially leading social media sites like Facebook. But will this upstart on-line advertising business model soon be spoiled by fake Facebook users / profiles opting to click the like button? 

As the latest investigative report in the BBC – which was aired back in July 13, 2012 – pointed out that companies buying Facebook adverts are merely wasting their money due to most of the users clicking the like button are largely composed of fake or phantom users / profiles. Quite sobering, given that companies opting to paying good money for adverts on Facebook are probably just in it for the “like button clicks”. Sadder still, the investigative report also pointed out that most of those “authentic” Facebook users who opt to click the like button are simply doing it at random and probably have no interest in the company advertising their products or services whatsoever. 

A typical Facebook advert usually gets about 3,000 likes during the first 24 hours of posting. How much of these likes are from authentic users – or users who genuinely like or have used and liked the products and services being advertised are a different question entirely. Sadly, the “powers-that-be” on Facebook are currently quite reluctant to crack down on fake / phantom profiles and users unless they violate Facebook’s community standards as they are paid upfront by companies advertising on the famed social media site who are only doing so for the like button clicks. It might be a different story if these phantom / fake users start behaving like that notorious Nigerian Prince and start swindling Facebook out of millions of dollars. 


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