Friday, December 12, 2008

Breast-Enlarging Cellurar / Mobile Phone Ring-Tone

A Japanese scientist / part-time rock musician has created the mobile phone ring-tone that makes women’s breasts grow bigger. Revenge of the phone-hogging airheads?

By: Vanessa Uy

It surely sounds – if you pardon the pun – like a hoax, but a Japanese scientist whose main hobby is playing rock music really did invent a cellurar phone / mobile phone ring-tone that makes the breasts of women of childbearing age apparently grow bigger. It works on the principle of sending subliminal messages to the listener’s brain. The ring-tone subliminally presents the sound of a crying baby to the brains of anyone who hears it. Preliminary result of the study had shown that within 10 days, women of reproductive age listening to the prototype ring-tone on a regular basis up to 20 times a day manifested breast enlargement. On average 2 to 3 centimeters or more than an inch increase of the bust size was noted.

Dubbed the “Rock Melon”, the novel ring-tone had recently received extensive scientific scrutiny and peer-review studies due to the “inexplicable” result of breast enlargement. Even though the physiological effects of the “breast-enlarging” ring-tone might seem strange, other scientists studying the trials theorize that the ring-tone might be subliminally sending messages to the brain that caused it to send signals to the women listening to it to alter their hormonal balance. Thus the resulting increase in bust size.

Scientists in Japan are now searching / creating mobile phone or cellular phone ring-tones that stimulate hair growth in balding men, increase a person’s friendliness, increase memory and intelligence, even ones that deter shop-lifting in malls. Even though the Rock Melon ring-tone’s effects might only be “cosmetic”, it might also allow a side-benefit of making women more child-friendly by asserting their maternal instincts. Which could be very useful for professional nannies and part-time babysitters.

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